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Works with every Canadian Mobile Network

Award Winning Products

Award Winning Products

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

60 Day Returns

60 Day Returns

Lifetime Customer Support

Lifetime Customer Support

High Performance 5G Signal Booster for Home, Cottage and Office
First ultra-wideband signal booster in Canada to support 8 bands
Fastest speeds & longest tower reach in the weakest signal areas
Double the amplified spectrum of other signal boosters (586 MHz)

Where do you need better cell signal?

Cell phone signal boosters improve voice, text, and data signals for 10X better cell service inside any home, office, car, truck or RV in the US. SureCall signal boosters work with all cell carriers and cellular generations, including 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G.

Home or Office Use

Boosts 4G & 5G Signals

Up to 3,500 sq ft

Vehicle Use

Boosts 4G & 5G Signals

Vehicle Interior

Large Home or Office Use

Boosts 4G & 5G Signals

Up to 17,000 sq ft

Industrial Use

Boosts 4G & 5G Signals

Up to 80,000 sq ft



The cell tower sends and receives signals within a general area.


An outside antenna captures the signal, the signal booster amplifies the signal’s strength and indoor antenna(s) send the improved signal to your phone.


The call, text or mobile Internet signal returns to the tower by following the same process in reverse.


NASA uses SureCall to stay connected on Earth, to keep exploring in space.

U.S. Forest Service

Planning a camping trip? The National Forest Service uses SureCall

Duke University

Class is in! SureCall helped faculty and students stay connected at Duke.


Warehouse connectivity is essential for maximum productivity

Why SureCall?.

Performance Leader

At SureCall we are constantly trying to outdo ourselves and deliver to customers the most powerful and cost-effective cell phone signal boosters on the market. 

Innovation Driver

We work hard to be the first to market with product innovations, which includes 5G. We delivered the first booster to cover new 5G frequencies (and have the patent to prove it), and all SureCall boosters are 5G compatible..

Quality Guaranteed

We stand by our products which are designed, assembled and tested in the USA. Every product and component is built to the highest industrial standards and comes backed with our industry-best 3 year warranty.

Installation Support

Our US-based support staff are ready to help by phone or email, alongside a vast network of professional installers ready to help with any home, office or commercial building project. 

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