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SureCall has established its reputation by providing high-quality and cost-effective cellular amplifier systems. Becoming certified as an official SureCall systems and accessories installer shows customers that you have received instruction on installing our products - a sign of trust to end users that you have achieved the necessary professional training with our equipment.

The hour long certification webinar will cover a variety of topics

  • How to properly perform a site survey
  • How to determine the correct solution for an installation
  • How to properly install a solution to achieve maximum performance
  • How to troubleshoot an installation.
  • A full array of products, including amplifiers, antennas, cables, and connectors

Once certified, you will receive a certificate from SureCall, a listing on our web site as a certified installer, and future referrals for customers in your area. To receive this credential, sign up for our certification webinar with the online application below and complete a short test given at the end of the presentation.

One last reminder, when you align your company with SureCall, you are partnering with the leader in innovative amplifier technology, including full FCC and IC approved products, the first amplifiers built for LTE and 4G, less than 1% return rate on our products, and full access to tech support, sales and engineering.