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SureCall has built its reputation by providing the most reliable, highest quality, and most cost-effective amplifiers in the industry for vehicle, home and commercial applications. As a Retail Partner and representative of SureCall you can be assured you're providing your customers with the highest quality and most innovative cellular booster products on the market today.

Along with innovation and quality, SureCall supports its Retail Partners with:

  • Innovative amplifier technology, including the first amplifiers built for 5G & 4G LTE
  • FCC and IC approved products built to the most stringent industry compliance standards
  • Quality-built products with less than 1% return rate
  • Full access to tech support, marketing and sales support
  • Full array of products, including: amplifiers, antennas, cables, and connectors

To become a SureCall Retail Partner please fill out the online submission form below.